Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas (Hathaway Series #4) - Novel Freaks Free Novel Download Free Ebook Download

Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas (Hathaway Series #4) - Novel Freaks Free Novel Download Free Ebook Download
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This review is from: Married by Morning (Hathaways, Book 4) (Mass Market Paperback)
[1852 - Hampshire and London, England]
Catherine Marks (23) has been the governess and now-companion for the two youngest Hathaway girls for three years and during that time, the antagonistic relationship between Cat and her employer, Leo Hathaway, Viscount Ramsay, has only grown stronger. Leo (30) has changed from the drunken wastrel that he became following the death of his fiancee, however he is still irreverent and enjoys nothing more than a good argument with the pinch-faced eyeglass-wearing "Marks" (as he so "affectionately" calls her). They are like night and day: the relaxed, charming, devil-may-care facade aristocrat and the closemouthed, rigid (though NOT unkind!), somewhat stern governess.

The normal routine of their relationship - one of constant fighting and teasing - changes drastically one afternoon when Leo finally gives in to the urge and kisses Cat ... and she kisses him back! There is no going back from the desire and attraction they have now been forced to admit they feel for one another, and each must face their own issues before any HEA can take place. Leo struggles with his increasingly resolute decision to pursue their relationship, while nonetheless wanting to avoid falling in love at all cost, not willing to put himself at risk of suffering another heartbreak. Cat has really only ever known solitude and loneliness in her life, and she is hiding a mysterious past that has left her in doubt of her own worth and wary and mistrustful of men.

Throw in Cat's concerned brother who also happens to be Leo's sister's husband, this mysterious past coming back to haunt her in the form of a vile 40-year-old lecher whose fixation borders on obsession, two people who wish our heroine ill, and a will that says Leo must marry within a year and produce a male heir or they will all have to leave Ramsay house, and you'll find yourself MARRIED BY MORNING!
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