Novel Shogun Part 2 by James Clavell

Shogun 2
by : James Clavell
Indonesian Version

In Book II, the galley arrives safely in Osaka and Rodrigues regains consciousness. He offers Blackthrone the opportunity to copy his rutters and Blackthorne says that he already has which Rodrigues says is fair since he owes Blackthorne his life. Blackthorne is amazed by the size of Osaka. Blackthorne is taken for an interview with Toranga and is questioned through an interpreter, a Jesuit Priest named Martin Alvito. Alvito reveals that the spy who told Toranga ofBlackthorne's arrival is Mura, the man who gave Blackthorne a place to stay immediately after his arrival in the country. Blackthrone initially points out that he and Alvito are enemies because their countries are at war and under questioning by Toranga admits that the religious differences are a ridiculous reason for war. He continues.....



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