Blood Ties (Blood, #1) by Shayne Carmichael

Blood Ties (Blood, #1) by Shayne Carmichael

Review :
Drowning in the political intrigue of the world of vampires, Adrian Debrett knows he's in over his head. Even though his power is growing, Adrian still has to stay one step ahead from everyone who would use him as a pawn for their own gain, human and vampire alike. Political intrigue forces him to side with Prince Gabriel to protect Gabriel's territory from the encroachment of opulent and debauched vampire Nikolai.

When his alliance with Gabriel becomes known, the mortal world slowly
begins to close itself off from him, leaving Adrian stranded in a world he has yet to accept. As the lines blur, Adrian finds himself changing with them. Every choice Adrian makes has a price attached to it, but will he be able to pay the price and not lose himself completely?


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